Mathilda Bryngelsson is a lyric mezzo-soprano from Gothenburg, Sweden, currently based in Malmö. She graduated from the University College of Opera in Stockholm in 2019, and she is currently pursuing her master's degree at the Malmö Opera Academy in Malmö, Sweden.

Latest news:

29 December 2021:

Mathilda has been awarded one of The Swedish Royal Academy of Music's National Scholarships of 2021 - from the funds of G A Johansson & Linden Buchman.

20 sep 2021:

During the season of 21/22, Mathilda will be a part of SYSTRARNA (SUOR ANGELICA) at Malmö Opera. More information is coming.

9 November 2021:

Mathilda Bryngelsson has been selected as the winner of OVIS-rösten 2021.

9 November 2021:

In December 2021, Mathilda will play the part of Mutter in HÄNSEL UND GRETEL at Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg in Germany.




“The sensational Swedish mezzo discovery of the session, MATHILDA BRYNGELSSON, whose voice reminds me of the young Kerstin Meyer, performs Konchakovna. Since ANGELA MEADE's Master Class, I've been having recurrent dreams about Mathilda channeling vocal intensity into Charlotte, Ratmir, Vanya, Lyubasha, Komponist, Orfeo ...”

-Lew's Opera Views and Experiences In Tempo, June 2018

„Die Schwedin Mathilda Bryngelsson lässt als überforderte Mutter ihren Mezzosopran durchaus schon mal die Luft schneiden“ (Hänsel & Gretel, Schloss Rheinsberg, 2021)

"As the overwhelmed Mother, the Swedish Mathilda Bryngelsson lets her mezzo-soprano absolutely cut through the air."

-Märkische Allgemeine, December 2021

”Mathilda Bryngelsson gav prov på en fyllig, välmodulerad röst”.

"Mathilda Bryngelsson showed a full, well-modulated voice."

-Uppsala Nya Tidning, March 2019

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